What are the most common reasons for sewer line replacement?

By September 24, 2020September 29th, 2020No Comments

There are several common occurrences that cause sewer line issues. Tree root stoppage from root growth is the number one problem. Most often these roots can be snaked out, but in some instances the system has to be replaced. Pouring hot grease down the drain is another pesky offender, once the grease cools it clumps causing a line blockage. Feminine products are not meant to be flushed. When they are, they expand in the system requiring a call for repair. Flushable wet wipes are actually not good for the integrity of your lines. They do not dissolve like toilet paper and actually block the flow of your pipes. Sometimes the lines develop what is called a belly from the ground shifting so frequently. When you have had to snake the line multiple times, it is a good indication that the line has a belly, a dip in the middle, which is creating a blockage. In the event of a belly, the line will need to be replaced.

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