How is a sewer line replaced?

By September 24, 2020September 29th, 2020No Comments

When replacing a sewer line the first step is to excavate the soil. Carefully separating the grass and the dirt, placing each on the opposite sides of the hole. We then remove the damaged and or old pipe and replace it with the new pipe. If we are within city limits a city inspection must be performed. We then fill the hole and compact the dirt, taking caution to replace the grass as we found it. However, the location of the pipe is relevant to the process. Not all pipes are as easily accessible. If it is under a sidewalk, sometimes we can go underneath rather than having to break up the concrete. A typical replacement starts at a minimum of $1800 and is a 2-3 day job. Job costs and duration can be higher for various reasons, for example having to replace a 300 foot piece of pipe.

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